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About Us

Compassion Leads to Conversion

For nearly 3 decades Mission Vietnam has worked with the government of Vietnam to offer humanitarian assistance to the people of Vietnam.  We believe now is the time to bring not only compassion but conversion to the people of Vietnam. Given our long relationship with the government we are now allowed to build churches, support a Christian orphanage, distribute the Bible and hold evangelistic events.  Join us in developing this government relationship to spread the Gospel to Vietnam.


Our Story

Vision Statement

Taking the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to the people of Vietnam.


Born of a vision to provide humanitarian assistance and ultimately reach the people of Vietnam with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Mission Vietnam believes that compassion leads to conversion. Mission Vietnam is an interdenominational organization.

All monies designated for Vietnam projects are used on the ground in Vietnam.

Mission Statement 


The purpose of Mission Vietnam is to bring the people of Vietnam to the saving knowledge of their savior and Lord Jesus Christ. 


Rom 10:14  How will they believe in him of whom they have not heard.

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