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Sight for the Blind

Thousands of children in Vietnam suffer congenital blindness due to cataracts. Mission Vietnam-sponsored opthalmologists have provided training for Vietnamese physicians.

Mission Vietnam joins the Sponsorila Association for Poor People (SAPP), as well as several hospitals and clinics in Vietnam in sponsorship of this program.

Duane Parish and his ministry, Destined to Overcome, passionately supports Mission Vietnam as he travels and speaks at events around the U.S. Visit his website to see his itinerary or to have him come speak at your event. at


The bicycle ministry in Vietnam stared in 1998 with the America veterans. 50 bicycles were given away that year.  Today that number has grown to several thousand. The bicycles are purchased from a Vietnamese factory and are given to Bible school students, pastors, church workers and many poor families. For many of these people, a bicycle is the only means of transportation for the entire family.

Because of the continued involvement of our Mission Vietnam team, we have been able to touch the lives and hearts of Vietnam with the love of Christ.  Giving a bicycle in many cases is the same as having a car.  Many Vietnamese people in the country sides are able to use them to get to school, church and to the market place. Today the cost is $150 US dollars to purchase a bike.

Journey Trips

Are you tired of just hearing about what God can do? Would you like to experience it for yourself? Join us for a life-changing mission trip to the country of Vietnam!

Vietnam is a breathtakingly beautiful country where the past and present merge into a wonderful opportunity to experience God's work in a country of proud, warm and welcoming people living within the global 10/40 window of countries—many of whom are just now beginning to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Often overlooked as a destination by western Christians because of its association with the Vietnam War and Communist rule, many have failed to see the doors of evangelism opening daily. Never has the harvest been more ready for reaping. Never has the door been opened wider. Vietnam is a nation in the birth-pangs of a great revival!

With Mission Vietnam your group will:

  • Experience cultural diversity as we travel through cities and villages unlike any you have experienced before.

  • Develop an appreciation for a gracious and beautiful, yet forgotten people.

  • Learn what it takes to build relationships on the mission field that lead to an ongoing work for the Kingdom of God.

  • Visit churches filled with people who have placed their faith - even their lives - on the line.

  • Minister to many of the thousands of orphaned children of Vietnam.

  • Participate in projects to help the poorest of Vietnam.

And much more... of course there will be time for fun, shopping and unique experiences for all.

Due to COVID the next Journey Trip is pending


Nhan Ai orphanage is an outgrowth of Nha Trang Evangelistic Orphanage Center (NTEOC) which was closed at the end of the Vietnam War in 1975.  Before 1975 Christians in Vietnam and around the world helped keep these children together.  Not only were they given food and shelter, but they were filled with Jesus’ message of hope, grace and salvation.  The children were instructed in God’s love and compassion for Him and others.  


The children of NTEOC lost their families after the war.  Despite being scattered the children had been taught to endure in tough times.  These little children who now have gray hair, rose like wild flowers in the middle of the desert of life.  The orphan spirit still remains in their hearts.  They vowed never to forget their predecessors and benefactors who had come before them.


How could they repay God’s love for them?  What could they do for the many orphans who still suffer in Vietnam today?


In 2011 the previous war time orphans of NTEOC got together.  At that meeting they decided to honor their 60th anniversary by opening a new orphanage, an orphanage to “close the past and open the future, serving community and society.”  Nhan Ai Orphanage Center (NA) was born.  

There are currently 4 orphans at the orphanage and one orphan who is completing her education at the university in Saigon.

Daniel Project

Nissi United

October 2012, NISSI UNITED - a Christian Music Ministry was established with the vision "Bring Music to the Hearts - bring the hearts to the music" . We are grateful because after more than 4 years serving, God has used us to impact generations of Vietnamese, through Music, Videos, Short Films, Worship Concerts & Trainings... 
Our team has 7 core members, working in 4 main concentrations of the ministry:

SU Christian Literature for Children

After training 300+ teachers for VBS materials & curriculum last May, we expect to bring the message "Born to be loved" to thousands of kids this summer. In a country culture where children are not respected & only around 1% Christians of both adults & kids among 92 million of population, we believe this message will change each kid attending out camps. 

Projecting 200+ camps in each all churches. 

If you know our stories for NextGen, we started this children works out of seeing potentials & hearts of the youth in youth camps that we organized. So youth camping is stilla big part of our ministry. Present in youth camp & seeing them worship, pray & press toward God's vision, we always feel reaching the country is so much possible. I wish you join us to feel the same.

Would you please consider:

1 Pray for us so that God will grant us a fruitful summer to serve Him & see more young people to be reached with God's Word.

2 Pray for our staff & volunteer team to be fit physically mentally, emotionallt spiritually & socually to serve well in these 3 months.

3 Bless our kids

$5 per kid to join a 2- day VBS Camp & bless our youth

$25 per person to join our 4 day youth camp.


Heavens Music School

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