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Aaron Tibbetts

Board Member

Aaron Tibbetts has been active with Mission Vietnam since 2005 and became a board member in 2015.  He and his wife, Terri reside in Chapin, South Carolina and they have two sons, Gabriel and Reagan.  Aaron is a graduate of the University of Maine and is currently a Project Controls Manager for Westinghouse Electric Company.  He has worked in many areas of the United States in the nuclear power industry and is currently working on one of the largest construction projects in the United States.

Aaron has a unique connection to Vietnam as his father, PFC Bruce Tibbetts, was killed in action while serving in Vietnam when Aaron was less than one month old.  Aaron never had the chance to know his father but had an opportunity to travel to Vietnam with the Mission Vietnam team in 2005.  The trip helped in heeling many years of pain and sorrow for him, his mother, and grandparents.  After the trip Aaron joined the Mission Vietnam team and has since made nine trips to Vietnam.  During a trip in 2014 he and the mission team were able climb the mountain where his father gave the ultimate sacrifice.  He has also brought his family on several trips.

Aaron continues to share his testimony at churches in the United States and Vietnam.  The journey to Vietnam has been life changing for him and his family.  He explains that God allowed hurt to lead to healing…tragedy to turn into triumph…and loss into new life.  He often says, “I expected to go to Vietnam and bring my father home and instead my Father brought me home!”


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